10 Celebrities Who Refuse to Eat Meat
Eating vegan has never been easier in India. These celebrities are vegan, and they love it!

1. Jason Gillespie

Jason Gillespie, former Australian pacer and current coach for Australia A team’s 2017 South African tour, went vegan in 2013 for ethical and health reasons.

“There’s nothing macho about treating animals terribly, and there’s nothing macho about putting your health at risk,” he says. “There’s nothing macho about polluting the Earth. We’re all here on this one marble, and we just got to work together.”

2. Monica Dogra

A vegetarian for a few years, actress and singer Monica Dogra went vegan after watching What the Health. She wanted to consume a healthier and more ethical diet.

3. Sonam Kapoor

A vegetarian for many years, Kapoor went vegan after learning she was sensitive to lactose. In an interview with DNA India, she stated, “I stopped eating meat four or five years ago. What has happened now is that I’ve stopped consuming milk and milk products.”

4. Ayesha Takia

Wanted actress Ayesha Takia Azmi has been vegan since 2011 and has participated in various campaigns for animal rights. She even got her sister and mum to join her! “Reading books on animal cruelty made me question everything I was consuming,” Ayesha says. She added that she ate vegan throughout her pregnancy and felt her healthiest.

5. Kiran Rao

The film producer, screenwriter, and director decided to go vegan after learning about how unhealthy animal products were. After she presented this information to her husband, Aamir Khan, he went vegan as well!

6. Aamir Khan

After his wife, Kiran Rao, showed him a video on the negative health effects of meat and dairy products, Aamir Khan decided to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle. One of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Khan told India West, “It is an hour-long presentation by a doctor on 15 of the most common diseases that cause death and how diet can prevent them. At the end of it, I was convinced that vegans are way ahead of non-vegetarians and even vegetarians.”

7. Adah Sharma

A lifelong vegetarian and animal lover, actress Adah Sharma went vegan while filming Commando 2. Sharma said she has knocked off 20 kg since steering clear of animal products, affirming that veganism helps keep her fit.

8. Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut went vegan in 2015. In an interview with DNA India, Ranaut stated:

Veganism as a way of life is deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. Whether it’s a puja or any spiritual occasion we always consume vegan food in keeping with the scriptures. Indians were the first ones to endorse veganism as a way of life. If you look at South Indian cuisine, almond milk and coconut milk are an intricate part of the cuisine served down south. It’s not that difficult to find the ingredients to follow a vegan diet. You can have fruits, nuts, homemade tofu and [nut milk]. I use nut milk to make all my smoothies.

9. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat, crowned PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2011, told The Indian Express, "If I had to pick the very best thing about being vegan, it's my clear conscience.”

10. Richa Chadha

The model-turned-actress has had an affinity for animals since she was a toddler, adopting many strays during her childhood. In a powerful article published in The Indian Express, Richa stated:

I can’t stomach the thought of someone cutting a buffalo’s throat, ramming a knife through a pig’s heart or cramming chickens into cages so small they can’t even spread a wing, let alone bear to ingest such misery.

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