Surprise Your Mother With These Delicious Dishes
Mothers spend a lot of time churning out delicious and nutritious dishes for the whole family. Try the following dishes and surprise her with your culinary skills.

Jal Jeera

While a summer favourite, jal jeera is the choice of many no matter the season. Try this awesome recipe here.

Chatpate Aloo

Kick off the meal with this quick and easy-to-make spicy baby potato starter. Click here for the recipe.

Soya Chunk Biriyani

This vegan version of the traditional one-pot meal will knock your socks off. It’s best when served with chilled vegan curds or raita.

Mirch ka Salan

A biriyani meal is never complete without this spicy side.

Date and Fig Kheer

Without sugar, this date and fig kheer or payasam is a guilt-free, sweet way to end the meal.

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