Bangalore Celebrates Vegan Food
Photo courtesy Bengaluru Vegans

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has many sobriquets—the Garden City, the City of Lakes, and the Silicon Valley of India—to name a few. This progressive city, famous as the start-up capital of the nation, is now known as a top vegan-friendly city.

Vegan cafes like Paradigm Shift and Carrots lead the march in increasing awareness. They are joined by many other restaurants that are either entirely vegan or offer vegan options.

The city also celebrates veganism in a very simple way: Armed with food, the city’s vegans converge the last Saturday of every month at Cubbon Park in central Bangalore to participate in the vegan potluck.

This potluck started in 2009 and is held every month except December. Non-vegans are also welcome to the lunchtime party in the park. Organised by a group of vegans focused on spreading the message, there are only two criteria to participate: You have to bring enough vegan food to feed at least five people, and you have to bring your own utensils.

Bangalore is seeing a steady rise in people who choose to turn vegan for animals, the environment, or their health!

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