Millions of people from actors and models to politicians are ditching meat. Check out what these celebs are saying about cruelty-free cuisine:
"If I had to pick the very best thing about being vegan, it's my clear conscience."

Mallika Sherawat,
actress and former model
Adopting a vegetarian diet may seem like a small choice, but it has an enormous impact on the world around us."

Vidya Balan, actress
"I love vegetarian food and have realised that vegetarianism is healthier because it digests easily, keeps you mentally very fit and it is 100 per cent lighter."

Vidyut Jamwal, model and actor
Being a vegetarian always made me feel healthy. I've always felt light. Every time I sit down to eat, I'm helping the environment."

Dhanush, actor

For me, being a vegetarian is about being compassionate. I love animals, so I would never eat them.

R. Madhavan, actor
"I love chicks ... pigs, cows, fish, and all the other animals too. That's why I turned vegetarian."

Shahid Kapoor, actor
"Being vegetarian is the best road to good health."

Hema Malini, actress