Following Air India, KLM Will Offer Only Vegetarian Meals in Economy Class on Flights From India
If the recent news is anything to go by, the airline industry seems to be leading a welcome change that will save countless animals from a life of misery at factory farms.

India’s state carrier, Air India, recently announced that it would serve only vegetarian food on all its economy class flights. Another Indian carrier, IndiGo, started offering a vegan burrito bowl on its in-flight menu.

Now, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will serve only veg meals to its economy class passengers on its daily eight-hour Delhi-Amsterdam flight. Passenger Nandini Guha discovered this on a recent trip to Europe. She said:

I flew Delhi-Amsterdam-Copenhagen on the way out and flew back from Helsinki via Amsterdam. I was travelling economy class and KLM did not serve non-veg meals on its flights to and from Delhi.

KLM confirmed its veg-only policy to The Times of India, stating that as part of the flight’s first service, the airline will serve only vegetarian meals in economy class.

This is a welcome change indeed and will help countless animals, but the best way to help animals is to end consumption of animal products altogether.

The move by these airlines is a testament to the growing popularity of plant-based eating.

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