Maneka Gandhi Opens Centre for Animal Rights
In collaboration with Humane Society International and Nalsar University of Law, Maneka Gandhi opened India’s first animal rights centre this week in Hyderabad.

The union minister for women and child development inaugurated the Centre for Animal Law at NALSAR with N.G. Jayasimha, head of HSI-India, appointed as the honorary director.

Speaking with the Deccan Chronicle, Jayasimha stated that the centre will study animal rights laws and their implementation, create a curriculum on animal welfare, and conduct workshops on animal welfare issues with judicial magistrates, advocates, and law enforcement agencies.

In an interview with The News Minute, he said:

We hope that this centre will be first of many institutions dedicated to research and advocate animal protection, the most ignored yet crucial branch of law because research shows that animal cruelty and criminal behaviour against humans are linked.

This is great news for animals as more and more people become aware of their suffering. While addressing the students, Minister Gandhi suggested that research findings could serve as a great resource for court cases.

Gandhi has been an outspoken animal rights activist for years, urging Indians to ditch dairy and the pharmaceutical industry to replace gelatin capsules with plant-based versions. Recently, she successfully led the legislative initiative to require stringent punishment for transporting chickens in battery cages throughout India.

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