Nat Geo: Go Veg to Feed the World!
6a01156f72691f970c01a511adaf7b970c.jpgA recent issue of National Geographic reports that the expanding global population will require us to feed an additional 200 million people by 2050.

With inefficient use of resources like grain and water on today's factory farms, it's no surprise that we need to make some big changes to feed a growing world. One of the most important steps is to shift our diets away from animal-based foods, in favor of direct consumption of plants. 

The article suggests, "It would be far easier to feed 9 billion people by 2050 if more of the crops we grew ended up in human stomachs. Today only 55 percent of the world's crop calories feed people directly; the rest are fed to livestock (about 36 percent) or turned into biofuels and industrial products (roughly 9 percent)." 

By eating more vegetarian food and less meat, we are taking a step toward not only feeding more people, but preventing cruelty to animals on today's factory farms. With 2050 in the not-so-distant future, the urgency of switching to a more veg-focused diet has never been clearer.

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(photo credit: National Geographic/Jim Richardson)
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