Viral Video: Tuna Sliced in Half Refuses to Die
A horrifying video of a yellowtail tuna sliced in two but still half thrashing around is making its rounds on the internet. According to Mashable, the clip was posted by Yutaka Suzuki and shows the fish flailing for more than a minute and a half.

Watch the appalling video for yourself.

Fish are feeling, breathing animals. In fact, scientists worldwide have noted time and again that fish experience pain in much the same way as land animals. Fish are even comparable to dogs, cats, and other animals in the way they feel pleasure.

One can only imagine the sheer torture of being sliced in half while still fully conscious.

Sadly, cruelty like this is common. In 2011 Mercy For Animals conducted an undercover investigation at a fish slaughter facility that exposed fish being skinned alive. As the fish gasped for oxygen, their skin was ripped off with pliers. They thrashed and fought for their lives to escape the workers' knives.


The single best thing we can do to protect fish and all animals from such cruelty is to leave them off our plates. Click here to learn more.
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