Vegans, Here’s Why You Have to Visit Germany
A meat-centric nation like Germany is fast becoming a must-visit destination for vegans. First its environmental minister decided to stop serving meat at government functions and more recently the country was declared the vegan capital of the world in a CNN article. Obviously, vegans can travel through Germany not having to worry about what and where to eat.

There is more reason to cheer: Germany led the pack with more vegan food product launches than any other country last year. Eighteen percent of all global food and drink launches in 2016 were in Germany. The United States followed at 17 percent and the United Kingdom at 11 percent. The other European nations were around 3 percent.

Mintel’s senior food and drink analyst, Katya Witham, says of this shift:

Veganism is now seen as a trendy lifestyle, and Germany is home to the most vegan product launch innovation. Today, vegan products attract attention from a much wider audience, namely health and ethically driven, flexi-vegan consumers.

It is also important to note that Germans have noticeably shifted from processed foods to more natural ones, looking beyond to cuisines like Greek and Indian for inspiration.

Witham adds:

The trend towards naturalness plays a dominant role in the food choices of German consumers, who prioritise health benefits of unprocessed, natural and wholesome products. Germans are also very distrustful towards the content of the food and drink products they buy, opting for natural products with short ingredient lists.

Germany is setting an example for the world to follow with these positive steps in promoting a cruelty-free, compassionate lifestyle.

You too can make a difference by adopting a vegan diet. Indian cuisine is perhaps one of the easiest to veganize.

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