Vegetarian Vision Celebrates 25 Years at Annual Convention
The International Vegetarian Convention, also known as Vegetarian Vision, celebrated 25 years of promoting vegetarianism and encouraging younger generations to spare animals and the planet.

The convention, which took place on September 9 and 10 at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in Manhattan, hosted 38 speakers and 25 different booths promoting a healthy meat-free lifestyle. It also featured a vegetarian beauty pageant.

Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary was a chief guest at the event. In a statement to the News India Times, the vegetarian actress explained why she refuses to eat meat:

It makes you more aggressive I’ve heard, because when you are just about to chop the animal, they have the fighting instinct to survive, and the fear and all those emotions; they make you secrete certain hormones that come into the bloodstream and it’s there in the flesh when you have it, you get that in your system and you have a lot more aggression, a lot more heat, a lot more fire.

Vegetarian Vision founder and chairman H.K. Shah joked that Chaudhary would be the next president of the organisation, mentioning that he was retiring.

Through community programmes, food festivals, health events, speaking engagements, and youth activities, Vegetarian Vision has promoted vegetarianism to hospitals, airlines, and educational institutions.

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