We Got to Try the Newest Vegan Meat Product in India. Here’s What We Thought!
I’ve tried my fair share of vegan meat alternatives, but when I heard an Indian company was launching the first-ever countrywide meat alternative, I just had to try it.

Whether people are going vegan to combat animal cruelty, protect the environment, or safeguard their health, there’s clearly a growing demand for vegan products. Good Dot is a company manufacturing plant-based protein products “in India, for India, by India,” according to its website.

Thanks to new technology, Good Dot products don’t have to be refrigerated until after opening and have a shelf life of four months!

Watch this short video about the company.

The company’s mission couldn’t be more noble: “To bring high-quality, affordable vegetarian meat to all of India. We want to save lives, both human and animal, by providing an option without sacrifice.” It has to be good, right?

Wrong. It’s amazing!

Stephanie Downs, the CEO of Good Dot, visited our offices to demo the product developed by her partners Abhishek Sinha, the president of Good Dot, and Deepak Parihar, the CFO. Served on a bed of white rice, the meat was similar in texture to chicken. Honestly, I wouldn’t know the difference if someone didn’t tell me that this was vegan. The sauce was incredibly tasty, with a nice, spicy kick. I usually steer clear of spice, but I enjoyed this so much I had to keep eating.

This vegan meat alternative would be great in your traditional Indian curry dishes, Chinese stir-fries, or wraps.

The best part? Good Dot’s products are not only free of GMOs and preservatives but free of cruelty—they will spare thousands of animals from immense suffering at factory farms.

Right now, Good Dot is sold in more than 7,500 locations throughout India. Interested in trying it out? Check out this recipe for Veg Meat Mutter Curry!

Run, don’t walk, to grab some of these amazing products. Click here to find Good Dot vegetarian meat near you!
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