WOW! India’s First Vegan Magazine Goes Global
Starting this weekend, VegPlanet, India’s first vegan magazine, will be available throughout the United States and Canada. Whole Foods Market and Barnes & Noble bookstores are among the international vendors that will sell the magazine. Distributors in the United Kingdom and Australia are also interested.

This is an exciting achievement for the one-year-old magazine, which features more than 21 vegan recipes in every issue, along with articles on activism, animal rights, and environmental protection. VegPlanet prides itself on being part of a “global cruelty-free community,” with a team of writers and contributors from more than 15 countries.

Editor Niranjan Amarnath stated in a press release:

When we heard the news, we were ecstatic, our vegan community-based magazine going global—awesome. VegPlanet's intentions have always been to be a community-based magazine—not just the community in our backyard, but also our common community around the world.

According to G.P. Aishwarrya, one of the magazine’s partners, “Our mission is to bring vegans, vegetarians, and like-minded communities together—no matter religion, community, economic or social class, gender, or race—to celebrate and stand up for a more compassionate lifestyle and our planet.”

Amarnath says that, with its global reach, VegPlanet will expand its content to feature more stories from around the world.

The magazine’s growth is more evidence of the rising interest in plant-based eating, and it’s great news for the animals who suffer at factory farms around the world.

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