WINNING! Starbucks India Offers Vegan Milk
One question many millennials have about veganism is, Will it keep me from hanging out with friends, eating out, and cafe hopping? No worries! Nowadays, vegan options are abundantly available, especially in urban and metropolitan areas. Following a global trend, Starbucks India has added almond milk to its menu. The soothing drink will be available the next time you visit the cafe. Yes, veganism has a future in India too.

And that’s not all. The global coffee giant presents “three ways to drink dairy-free” with its plant-based milks, and it features a newly added collection of three awesome drinks: Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato, Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato, and Matcha Green Tea Soymilk Latte. In introductory remarks on its website, Starbucks states:

We love dairy-free options for the subtle sweetness and nutty flavors they add to any drink. We’ve custom crafted our soymilk, almondmilk and coconutmilk so that when steamed, they create a rich foam for hot beverages and when served in cold drinks, they’re delicious and creamy.

Starbucks is not the only cafe to move towards plant-based options. One of the largest coffee chains in the country, Café Coffee Day has also started offering vegan smoothies and shakes. If you are joining your friends at CCD, don’t forget to try one of its vegan drinks, like a vegan shake, Irish coffee, Lemon Demon, strawberry iced tea, or Arctic Blast.

Barista, another popular place for coffee lovers, offers vegan options like flavoured iced tea, sparkling soda, veg sandwiches, sugar doughnuts, and blueberry tarts at multiple outlets in India.

If that’s not enough, what could be a more encouraging sign of change than vegan options at the world’s leading fast-food chain. Not only does McDonald’s categorically say it doesn’t serve beef or pork in any form at any of its outlets in India; the restaurant sells the McVeggie and McAloo Tikki in volumes, and in 2012 it opened its first vegetarian-only restaurant in Vaishno Devi, a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in the hills of the Jammu region.

So if you’re afraid of not finding vegan options the next time you are going out with your friends, don’t be.

Clearly, the world is moving towards a plant-based diet and rightly so. This change is good not only for your health but for animals who suffer immensely at factory farms.

Say goodbye to cruel animal products and embrace a more compassionate and healthier vegan lifestyle. For tips on how to make the switch, click here. 
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